Golf Academy & Range Re-opening

The following health precautions and standards will be required for reopening the Cantigny Golf Academy in accordance with CDC, local and state government mandates. Our objective is to welcome back customers as safely as possible.  
Please be aware of what is expected of everyone once on property: 
  • Don’t risk anyone’s health.  If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
  • Strongly consider using face coverings while in public.
  • Everyone is to avoid making any physical contact with others and maintain the recommended social distancing (six feet).
  • All patrons are reminded to not touch their face and wash hands frequently.
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow. 
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, especially after touching frequently used items or surfaces 
  • All patrons may bring their own water while on property.  
  • Eating around the Golf Academy is discouraged.
Golf Academy Operating Procedures:
Lobby/Front Counter
Front counter credit/debit transaction only, No Cash.  Customers may enter one at a time to purchase limited items (e.g., range balls, private lesson/clinic payment). Note: Private instruction payment is available online. 
o Maximum 5 people allowed inside lobby area during anytime of business operation (this includes restroom usage). Loitering in lobby area is NOT allowed.
Range balls
Payment online is unfortunately unavailable.  Disinfecting each basket is time prohibitive and cost prohibitive.  Transactions should occur in lobby as accustomed (see Lobby/Front Counter guidelines above).  Customers may pay for a warm-up, small or large baskets. An Academy staff person will be on the range to “scoop” and dispense the correct amount of range balls at the hitting station.  
Lobby restrooms are open; however, a table will be placed between men’s and women’s doors.  Disposable paper towels will be available to open doors and provide a “barrier” from actual touching of door handles.
Tee Line
To minimize risk of cross contamination, wooden tees no longer provided.  No bag stands.
o Dividers or course marking spray paint will safely distance designated hitting stations.  In some cases, to maintain maximum width of tee and relief of moving tee line due to divots, golf mats may be used to create stations.
Inclement Weather Shelter
Golf Academy is NOT to be used as a public shelter.  Students must go to their cars. If no car is available, exception is made with an individual designated wait area (no practicing/putting).  Wait area (exceptions) are to maintain social distance of minimum 10’ or more from anyone else.
Studios may be utilized with the proper guidelines:  Studio doors MUST remain open during business operations.  Entry to studio one at a time (3 seconds apart) Instructors will wear mask and gloves while working inside the building.
o Maximum capacity 3 individuals during private lesson. (refer to Private Instruction)
o Maximum capacity 6 individuals when used as a classroom (refer to Junior Program)
Fitness Area
All doors MUST remain open during business operations allowing walk-in access without touching.  This area has multi-use abilities.  During this time of precaution, Golf Academy usage will be determined on a scheduling basis.  Please refer to Private Instruction, Junior Program or Callaway Golf Fitness guidelines.