Academy Philosophy

In order for individual talent to be maximized, it is very important to understand individual performance requires an integration of all the essential performance factors. If challenges occur in one of the essential performance factors then all of the other factors may be challenged as well.

Focus is on the six components of golf performance.

Professional Swing Instruction

The more correct your technique is from the beginning, the less will have to be undone later. A golf professional can easily visualize your faults and offer solutions to your tendencies.


Properly Fit, Quality Equipment

Determining proper club specifications and understanding how various clubs behave play an important role in contact with the ball, accuracy, distance, and the ability to score.


Golf-Specific Physical Training

It is important to understand what an individual’s body is physically capable of. Personal uniqueness in posture, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance will determine the functional mobility, power, consistency and control of the club.

Mental Training

Great champions in all sports have always had the ability to focus. The better the concentration, timing becomes more reliable, and the greater the ability to perform – with or without pressure.



Every ball you hit in your golfing life has some value to it, but the real improvement benefits come from well-planned, controlled and diverse practice sessions with one or a few specific goals.



This is why you practice. Playing allows you to see how often you can repeat your swing, be mentally prepared and come through hole after hole in different situations.