Adult Clinics

We keep it simple and fun, focusing on the important components for learning the game.

The Cantigny Golf Academy’s professional staff will help you learn the game, improve your skills or just enjoy your time on the golf course more than ever before. We welcome golfers of all skill levels and ages. The following clinics are available in 2020.

Custom Fall 2020 Adult Clinics

Senior 60+

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Distance Clubs

Around the Green

Sand Play


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Up your game with a stroke-saving clinic focusing on shots within 50 yards of the green, including putting and bunker play. Students will work on swing technique, pre-shot setup, course man- agement, pre-round preparation and purposeful practice. By focusing on improving swing technique, pre- swing setup and golf course management the total number of strokes can be reduced through pre-round strategy, purposeful practice and prop- er shot execution.

Each 3-hour session is limited to 8 golfers, with a minimum of 3.


Receive basic instruction for full-swing and short game, and have fun learning golf based on the nationwide “Play Golf America” campaign.

Mastering the Mental Game

The saying that golf is “90% between the ears” speaks to the importance of the game’s mental side. This class promotes routines and strategies that create confidence and aid focus. The course is a combination of presentation, discussion, skills practice and on-course play. Expected student- to-instructor ration is 5:1.


Memorial Day (May 25-26) and Independence Day (July 5-6) weekends are scheduled. Come enjoy a Day One (Saturday) with morning instruction and afternoon golf on-course with professional. Day Two (Sunday) completes the school with morning instruction.


Introducing a simple and effective step-by-step training system for quickly developing increased swing speed, explosive power and greater dis- tance off the tee. The 12-week “bootcamp” allows the option of training directly with Dr. Callaway at Cantigny Golf Academy or remotely through weekly Facetime/Skype video chat sessions.

Adult Clinics

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