Cantigny Golf Academy

The Cantigny Golf Academy opened in 2008 and welcomes individuals, families and groups of all kinds, including corporate events.  Golfers of all ages, and ability, levels will find everything they need at this year-round facility, the region’s foremost practice, teaching and training center.


Each member of our professional staff is dedicated to helping you enjoy the game even more!  Students at the Academy are guided through a curriculum integrating all of the essential performance components of playing golf—an approach unique to the Chicago area. 


Our commitment is to the highest levels of performance demanded by this game and the highest aspirations a player can hold when arriving at our door.”

Connie DeMattia
PGA Director of Instruction

Service Highlights

  • PGA award-winning and state-ranked golf instructors

  • Junior Golf Development Program for ages 4 to 18

  • State-of-the-art video technology available in all lessons

  • All major equipment brands, club repair and custom clubfitting

  • Golf specific fitness services and clinics

  • Game management and mental coaching programs

Academy Features

  • TrackMan Range (new in 2023)

  • 34,000 square feet of grass hitting areas

  • Over 300 yards of range depth with target greens

  • Climate-controlled, covered hitting bays

  • Outdoor bent grass and indoor synthetic short-game practice areas for all conceivable on-course situations


The Perfect Learning Environment


Professional Swing Instruction Our team of PGA and LPGA golf professionals has over 75 years combined teaching experience. Learn your “feel” for the game through proper swing mechanics. We’ll identify your swing faults and offer solutions to apply and practice.


Golf Practice Techniques Improvement comes from well-planned, controlled and diverse practice sessions. Our state-of-the-art Accelerized Golf studios provide accurate sensory and visual feedback. Every aspect of the golf swing, from setup to the proper swing motions of the club, can be monitored and improved.


Properly Fit, Quality Equipment Golf clubs created just for you, matched to your body and swing, can really help your game! Our certified team, led by master clubfitter and builder Everett Lockenvitz, will ensure an accurate fit and 100% satisfaction. For sales of whole sets and single clubs, and for expert regripping and repairs, the Academy is ready to serve you.


Golf-Specific Physical Training Dr. Paul Callaway, PT, PhD, provides and leads all awareness and physical training programs. Personal understanding about posture, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance will determine functional mobility, power, consistency and, ultimately, better control of the golf club.


Mental Coaching Great champions in all sports have a keen ability to focus. The Academy offers expert coaching to improve concentration and help you play better golf even in pressure situations. This aspect of the game is often overlooked by golfers seeking improvement but can play a key role in your progress.