Adult Clincs Re-opening

The following health precautions and standards will be required for reopening the Cantigny Adult Clinic Program in accordance with CDC, local and state government mandates. Our objective is to welcome back customers as safely as possible.  
Please be aware of what is expected of everyone once on property: 
  • Don’t risk anyone’s health.  If you’re not feeling well, please reschedule.
  • Everyone is to avoid making any physical contact during a clinic series and maintain the recommended social distancing (six feet).
  • Instructors will wear gloves throughout the clinic series (and masks indoors).
  • Instructors will have personal hand sanitizer / anti-bacterial wipes with them at all times.
  • Instructors will not touch golf bags.
  • Instructors will not tee up the golf balls for clinic participants.
  • Instructors will not use training aids that touch the clinic participant.
  • Students are reminded to not touch their face and wash hands after daily clinic.
  • Students may take their own notes with their own pen.
  • Students may bring their own water.  
  • Eating during the daily clinic is discouraged.
  • Each participant will be provided a small bag of 30 tees upon check in to keep and use throughout the clinic series
  • If borrowing clubs for the clinic series, the participating golfer will be assigned the clubs for the entire series (taking home with them daily).  Grips and clubs will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes prior to and after use.  
New Format:  
The Adult Clinics will be transformed into a small private lesson series.  The student to instructor ratio shall NOT exceed 5:1. The instructor will remain with the same small group for the entirety of the series (same adults & same instructor).  Your assigned instructor will deliver the social distancing, curriculum and testing.  You will meet your assigned instructor in one of the two locations throughout the five class clinic series: 
  • Golf Academy 
  • Youth Links

Program Operating Procedures:

Drop Off / Check-in
Your instructor or a staff personnel will be guiding cars into parking area and designating where to begin the clinic.
Daily Handouts
All series handouts will be emailed prior to the start of clinic (if applicable).
All building doors will remain open during business operations allowing walk-in access without touching. Disposable paper towels will be available to open restroom doors and provide a “barrier” from actual touching of door handles.
The north range will have a portable restroom having a hand washing/sanitizing ability and be accessible for participants.  
Classroom doors will remain open during business operations.  Maximum capacity 6 individuals during Adult Clinics for video demonstration. Chairs spaced 6’ or more apart. 
  • Entry to studio one at a time (3 seconds apart)
  • Instructors will wear mask and gloves while working inside buildings.
Inclement Weather Shelter
Golf Academy is NOT to be used as a public shelter.  Classrooms will be safe area to wait out storm/rain. See classroom guidelines above for watching a video.